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Zenfinex and KenFXFreak have joined forces to provide exceptional educational support to ALL traders.

Become a part of the new exclusive KenZen community and elevate your trading experience, knowledge and understanding.

We can’t wait for you to see what we have lined up!

KenZen community

KenZen Community Offer

  • A Weekly market summary webinar
  • A bi-weekly “key market talking points and influences webinar”
  • Access to a free telegram trading group with Ken

KenZen Premium Community Offer

Valued at £1,400 yours for free when you deposit £1,000 and start trading with Zenfinex

  • A welcome call from Ken FX Freak
  • Lifetime access to the Ken FX Freak premium courses, both fundamental and technical originally priced at £999
  • Access to Ken FX Freak’s in-depth technical course, normally priced at £400  
  • Access to the exclusive KenZen trader group chat, where you can communicate with an experienced trading community
  • Membership to the “Fundamental and Technical Week Ahead” webinar hosted each week, with interactive opportunities and a dedicated Q&A session to answer any of your questions and queries
  • Access to the weekly “Live Market Analysis, Trade Ideas and Trading” webinar with interactive and Q&A opportunities
  • Everything included within the free community offer

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Ken Chigbo is also known as ‘Ken FX Freak’ and has a strong amount of passion and experience within the financial markets for over 10 years and counting.

He started his career as a market analyst and got hooked on the movement of the markets from day one. His interest lies in what dictates fluctuations in pricing, economic and political dramas. He aims to make make money from both fundamental and technical points of view.

During his time as an analyst he had thousands of daily listeners carefully digesting everything he was observing across the market.

He was keen to start helping people, as the masses found large value in his ability to break things down for the everyday person. He helps traders globally understand the economics and fundamentals that are occurring across the world.

Ken and Zen is the ideal partnership and we are ecstatic to have him helping our clients!