Withdrawal Information

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What if my bank account is in a currency that is different than my trading account?

Zenfinex offer funding instructions for multiple currencies. If you wire funds in a currency other than the denomination of that bank account, the bank will automatically convert it to the denominated currency at an exchange rate specified by them, which may not necessarily be favourable.

How much do I need to leave in my account in order for it to remain open?

You need to leave 50 units of the base currency in your account to keep it active.

Can Zenfinex send my funds to a bank account other than the one I used to fund?

Yes it is possible – the name of the bank account must exactly match the name on the trading account.

How do I request a withdrawal if I made all my deposits by card?

Please log in to myZen with your live account username and password, then click “Withdraw Funds”.

Accounts funded via credit or debit card will be required to receive withdrawals via the same credit or debit card.

Please note that the credit card used for funding will be the same card used to return fund to when a withdrawal is requested. Please contact Zenfinex immediately if the card used to fund is closed or if a different credit card number is re-issued.